Our Story

Hykkilän Huvilat form is one business branch of the Sipilä Multifunctioning Organic Farm Enterprise. In addition to agriculture, forestry and holiday home rentals, the farm also does metal subcontracting tasks.

Sipilä Farm is located in the village of Hykkilä in the municipality of Tammela in Tavastia Proper. There are records and tales of the village from documents that date back centuries. The village of Hykkilä is located on the sunnier shores of the Kuivajärvi Lake, with the opposite shores having the grand Saari Park with its ridge landscape, which also gave artist Albert Edelfelt inspiration for his painting Kaukola Ridge at Sunset.

Sipilä Farm is one of the three main acreages in the village of Hykkilä. We, Pekka and Marjo are the 22nd generation couple running the Sipilä Farm. The first mention of the building dates back to 1539. The Sipilä family has managed the farm since 1702. This year can be found from the family pennant that also depicts a crown. The crown tells that a man with horse were sent to fight for Sweden's Royal Army in the seventeenth century. The cavalrymen fought in the Thirty Years’ War in Central Europe. Finnish light cavalrymen were called Hakkapeliitta.

Sipilä Farm used to be a traditional dairy farm that also earned income from forestry. Cattle farming had already been relinquished before we became the owners of Sipilä Farm in 1994. Already back then, we saw that the shores of the estate would be ideal for holiday cabins. We have an excellent location in the municipality of Tammela in Southern Finland. Initial plans remained in the works while other work was done.

In 2003, idea about building rentable cabins was born. The name for the holiday cabins, Hykkilän Huvilat (Hykkilä Villas) was easy to come up with. The origin for the name Hykkilä is from an old Tavastian village of the same name, which is where the holiday cabins are located. There are so many other fascinating tales about the village that can be told, but let’s save them for another time. The Finnish word Huvila is a name that summertime residents use for a holiday home. The Huvila name is well suited for the cultural historical environment of Hykkilä.

Two log cabins were completed in February 2006: Hiekkuri and Rantatörmä, and the Rantapytinki cabin was completed for Christmas 2010, all designed using our own drawings.

In all our activities, we give consideration to the environment and our locality in the choices we make. Approximately 10% of the energy requirements for the holiday homes is produced using the solar panels on the roof of the Hiekkuri cabin.

Hykkilä gives you the opportunity to experience rural tranquillity, silence and clean air, yet not located too far from services. Guests are free to relax as they wish. We wish everyone a warm welcome to Hykkilän Huvilat.