Frequently asked questions

You can contact Hykkilän Huvilat by email, telephone, or you can agree to meet us when you arrive.
Yes. Once the matters related to the booking have been agreed, we will send you a booking confirmation, instructions for making payment, instructions on how to get here by either email or regular mail.
Yes, the deposit is 30% of the total hire for the cabin. This sum must be paid no later than the due date. If you cancel the booking, the deposit will not be reimbursed. The booking can also be paid as a single payment in full, in which case no separate deposit will be charged.
The booking is regarded as being confirmed when the customer has paid for the deposit or entire booking.
The deposit is 30% of the total booking fee, and will not be reimbursed if the booking is cancelled. 70% of payments will be reimbursed if the booking is cancelled with at least one (1) week prior to commencement of the trip. If a booking is cancelled with less than one (1) week prior to the commencement of the trip, no payments made by the customer will be reimbursed. If cancellation is made due to sickness, we will reimburse all sums paid. In any case of force majeure, Hykkilän Huvilat has the right to cancel the booking. In this case, we will reimburse all sums paid to the person who made the booking.
Your stay at the cabin starts at 5 p.m. on the day of arrival. The arrival time can be set at an earlier time, if availability allows such.
Your stay at the cabin ends at 1 p.m. on the day of departure. The departure time can be set at a later time, if availability allows such.
The cabin has a gas-fired barbecue and gas cylinder. The cabin also has a charcoal barbecue, but the guest should bring their own charcoal.
Yes, each cabin has its own rowing boat. Buoyancy aids are available for adults and lifejackets for children.
We have an electrical outboard motor for hire (around 2 hp).
Each cabin has its own rod and line equipment, fishing bucket, shovel and sheath knife. A spinning rod and tackle with winter fishing equipment is available for hire.
Each cabin has its own dartboard, Mölkky (Finnish skittle game) and other summer games.
The terrace has a large table, six chairs and a sunshade. There is also a smaller table and 2 – 4 chairs.
Yes you can, but please do not use scented candles. The candle base needs to be fire-resistant and it should be placed to burn in a safe place and never left unattended.
No. All outdoor candles must be placed on the sandy ground, far from the terrace and cabin, never left unattended and only used in suitable weather conditions.
The cabin has a six-person dinner service including cutlery, serving dishes, plates, glasses, wine glasses, mugs, saucepans and bowls.
Yes, we do not have our own well, but the water is supplied by the water utility company located in Tammela.
The cabin has five (5) separate spring mattress beds. Some of these beds can be adjoined to form a double bed. The cabin also has a sofa bed.
The booking does not include bed linens and towels, but these can be booked for a separate fee or ordered when you arrive.
Yes. If necessary, you can book and pay for post-checkout cleaning in advance or when you arrive.
The booking includes one roll of toilet paper and one roll of kitchen paper.
The closest shop is located in the village centre of Tammela at a distance of eight (8) kilometres from the cabin.
The distance to the closest town of Forssa is 15 kilometres.
The cabins are located approximately 100 metres from each other. Between the cabins are deciduous and coniferous trees and the terrain is varied.
The grounds are sand/gravel. The Hiekkuri Cabin shore area has a lawn.
Yes. There are separate collection bins for different types of waste.
When making the booking, we will agree where you can collect the cabin key from.
When making the booking, we will agree where you can return the cabin key.